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Information of Cuba

Cuba is a Caribbean destination without comparison, pristine and exotic hiding many secrets unpredictable. Boasting magnificent white sand beaches with clean sparkling turquoise waters. Cuba is home to exceptionally friendly people, exotic flora, tropical climate and a vibrant nightlife. If you like the Latin beat, then this is the place to visit where hot Salsa music can be heard everywhere.All this and warm welcome from the Cuban people make this biggest Caribbean island very attractive for million of tourists every year.

The Cuban culture is unique in Latin America, formed by the island's fascinating history and this has made Cuba a very attractive. Despite its new popularity, however, the island remains an inexpensive Caribbean destination. It remains uncommercialized and a very safe vacation spot.The Republic of Cuba is an archipelago formed by the Island of Cuba, with an extension of 106 007 km2, the Island of Youth with 2 200 km2 and around 4 200 keys and islets.

Its total surface is of 110 922 km2, locating itself at the entrance of the Gulf of Mexico, in the Caribbean Sea. Cuba limits to the North with Florida (United States of America) to 180 km; to the South, with Jamaica, to 140 km; to the East with Haiti, to 77 km and, to the West, with the Yucatan Peninsula (Mexico), to 210 km of distance. Cuba is essentially a 70% flat and has three big mountain ranges:
Sierra of Organs in the Western region, Sierra of Escambray in the Center region and Sierra Maestra in the Eastern region, which includes Turquino Peak, the country's highest point with 1 974 meters (5 933 feet) over the sea level.

The climate of Cuba is considered subtropical moderate, prevailing the tropical maritime conditions. The annual medium temperature is of 25,2 C degrees (77F) in summer and 22C (71,6F) in winter, since two well defined seasons are observed: the dry, from November to April and the rains, from May to October.

The raining average is of 1 059 mm in the rainy period and of 316 mm in the dry one, for a rain annual average of 1 375 mm.

Cuban coasts reach 5 746 km of extension, being the biggest the north coast with 3 209 km. There are excellent beaches, bays, ports and cities along the coasts.

According to estimated figures, Cuba's population is of 11 000 000 inhabitants, with an annual growing rate of 0,6 per each 100. A gradually aging of the population has been noticed since the 90´s, being the older than 65 years of age the 12% of the total. Spanish is the official language of the Republic, using English very much in commercial and cultural matters.
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