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  We offer cheap lodging in Havana. If you want to make your stay in Havana, take advantage of the frehness that offers a cozy and confortable in the central area of the Vedado... (more)
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We are located in the most central in the City of Havana

Particular house in the Vedado, the landlady is Sra Dalia Herrera.
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The Havanan pier is popular among all the Cubans...


Mapas de La Habana y de Cuba, conozca cada rincón de la ciudad.

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Reserve a particular house in Havana
City of Havana, a town with history and culture
What is this site for?

This site is intended to make in advanced reservations for travelers interested on private accommodations in Cuba. This is now the most popular way for making tourism and finding accommodation in Cuba because you can be in touch with the real Cuban's everyday life, in a hotel that is impossible there you will only find tourists like you and workers that wont have time enough for establishing a conversation. Booking a private room lets you beat the feeling of the biggest attraction of Cuba... "the people".

On the other hand renting private in Cuba is much better for your pocket because at list you will save 40% of the money you should spend in a Cuba hotel. Since you pay directly to the owner of the accommodation, you are contributing to a Cuban family's stand of living and the service is most of the times much better and more personalized than in big Cuba hotels. Other important point is that you can improve your Spanish and learn how to dance salsa with real every day dancers.

It is for sure a good idea to make in advanced reservation specially considering that most of international flights arrive late at night. And with the current tourism booming is sometimes hard to find accommodations for a goods prices. The particular house is the best option for finding Cuba accommodation at low budget.

We also provide useful information about the island. If you read carefully our site, you will be in conditions to travel to Cuba with an amount of information that will make you an "smart tourist". And you will save money and time trying to find this information by yourself.

How to make the Reservation

Once you have decided to come to our beautiful island and it drifts the first days to pass in the Havana, the best way to make the reservation is through our site web. The reservation process is simple, make click in the button that says reservation in the left part of this page, where you will find a list of available options, It can also see the pictures of the apartment and a detailed description of the place, if it interests him alone it fill the form of reservation.

_ We will respond in less than 24 hours after receiving their message.

_ will stay in contact to guarantee that we can offer him a place that fulfills its requirements.

_ When finally you arrive to the airport of the Havana, we will be waiting for it to take it until the apartment (the cost of the taxi is not included).

Information of Cuba

In this section we offer a brief description of the Island of Cuba and their characteristics, so that you know the wonderful place in which you will surely stay.

Cuba is a Caribbean destination without comparison, pristine and exotic hiding many secrets unpredictable. Boasting magnificent white sand beaches with clean sparkling turquoise waters. Cuba is home to exceptionally friendly people, exotic flora, tropical climate and a vibrant nightlife. If you like the Latin beat, then this is the place to visit where hot Salsa music can be heard everywhere.All this and warm welcome from the Cuban people make this biggest Caribbean island very attractive for million of tourists every year.

The Cuban culture is unique in Latin America, formed by the island's fascinating history and this has made Cuba a very attractive. Despite its new popularity, however, the island remains an inexpensive Caribbean destination. It remains uncommercialized and a very safe vacation spot.The Republic of Cuba is an archipelago formed...

Useful advice

In this section you will find a series of useful advice of the lodging in Cuba, and many reasons to stay in Cuba:

1- Get in touch with the truly Cuban people: If you stay in a big resort, you will miss the main attraction of Cuba, its people by staying in a particular house, hostel or apartment living with cubans you will get a feeling of the "real" Cuba.

2- Lower prices: It is cheaper to lodge in a particular house, private room or bed and breakfast, than stay in a hotel. This does not mean you will be less comfortable, on the contrary, many people prefer this kind of domestic environment to the cold functionality of a big hotel.

3- Directly help the Cubans: By renting a private room or staying in a private hostel you will be directly contributing to a person or family's stand of living.

4- Through regular interaction with the house owners you could learn or improve your Spanish.

5- Privacy: You will be more free to meet friends, invite them to your room, etc.
If these reasons are enough for you, book your particular house now.

If these reasons are enough for you, book your "casa particular"

Prices to rooms

The prices of the rooms, apartments and houses in Cuba depends on several things: location, the conditions of the place, the facilities such as air conditioner, refrigerator, kitchen, if the entrance is independent or not, and some other things. But the prices are more or less by zones in Havana as described bellow. The owners of the places legally authorized for being rented to foreign tourists must pay taxes per room and per month.

Vedado: Is the most popular area in new Havana and is 25 minutes far walking from old Havana there you can find nice accommodations that cost from 25 to 40 dollars/night . Here you will be in the midst of Havana's night life. In Vedado, you will have the benefit of being in the heart of Havana, with a lot small private restaurants (paladares) and other many interesting places for tourists. (More)

Privacy Policy

Attention:All the personal information we ask you, through the reservations forms that you could find in this site, will only be utilized to contact you regarding the room reservation process. We will never send you any unsolicited e-mail. Your e-mail address and name will be keep strictly confidential.
To request our services or for further information, contact us or fill the form

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