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Prices of the aptartament and description

The prices of the rooms, apartments and houses in Cuba depends on several things: location, the conditions of the place, the facilities such as air conditioner, refrigerator, kitchen, if the entrance is independent or not, and some other things. But the prices are more or less by zones in Havana as described bellow. The owners of the places legally authorized for being rented to foreign tourists must pay taxes from 100 to 250 USD per room and per month, you can find probably $5 USD cheaper prices but in houses that rent illegally, we strongly recommend not to stay in houses that are not authorized by ONAT. Anyway for 5 dollars a day less you can get into serious problems.

Vedado: Is the most popular area in new Havana and is 25 minutes far walking from old Havana there you can find nice accommodations that cost from 25 to 40 dollars/night . Here you will be in the midst of Havana's night life. In Vedado, you will have the benefit of being in the heart of Havana, with a lot small private restaurants (paladares) and other many interesting places for tourists.

Old Havana: Most of hotels are really overpriced, so it is better to rent a private accommodation that is closer to a the fair price, The accommodations we offer in old Havana is in the midst of a hotel boom, with many colonial-era mansions and erstwhile grand dame hotels coming online after splendid makeovers. Prices in old Havana goes from 25 to 35 dollars/night

Centro Havana: There are not many hotels in this area. But I consider the place as a good location between Havana Vieja and Vedado. Prices in these place are from 20 to 30 dollars/night

Miramar: Is the newest place in Havana full of hotels and consider that is a good place for tourism in group these place is a little far from sites and attractions. But as Havana is no a big city the largest distances are 10 minutes by car. Prices in this area are from 35 to 45 dollars/night.

It is for sure a good idea to make an advance reservation , especially considering that many international flights arrive late a night. Currently, with tourism booming, many hotels are fully booked (including the less-expensive hotels that also cater to Cubans). The Christmas and New Year's season is particularly busy.
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